Panasonic Names LaTech Security + Surveillance a Diamond Partner

Panasonic, a global leader in the security industry for over sixty years has awarded LaTech Security + Surveillance the status of Diamond Partner, the highest level available to any Surveillance Company. 

Baton Rouge LA: LaTech Security + Surveillance and Monica Wolf are pleased to announce that Panasonic has recognized the company as a 2019 Diamond Partner. The Panasonic product line includes access control, surveillance cameras, and video management systems. LaTech built its business on the value of truly integrated systems designed for specific customer requirements and utilizing the very latest technologies. The Louisiana-owned and operated company has strong ties to the community. LaTech Security + Surveillance has the tools and technology to fit any need or any budget. 

Access control is a part of the security system that businesses are already deploying. It is specifically designed to allow administrative and technical personnel to control access to the building, property, or specific areas of either. Users can also control access based on date, time, or determined other accessibility factors. These measures make it easy for authorized employees to access their workspaces, and difficult or impossible for those who are not authorized.

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Proximity badges, key dongles, and biometrics plus latch plates, magnetic locks, and more to secure the entryway. LaTech even has the technology to streamline access to secure driveways and parking areas.

Access control is in high demand due to its essential role in modern commercial security systems. Every business has a reason for wanting and needing this technology, but it is something that is becoming a requirement for safety.

A representative of LaTech stated, “It is important to keep up with the latest in access control technology to take advantage of all the latest features and updates that security experts have developed. Your goal is to protect the health, safety, and security of those who come into your building. That’s not always a simple matter, and it’s also something that you’ll need to continually revisit to make sure that your current strategies and equipment are as effective as they should be.”

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Contact Info:

Name: Monica Wolf

Company: LaTech Security + Surveillance

Address: 10741 Coursey Ct, Baton Rouge LA 70816

Phone: (225) 214-3038


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