Law Enforcement

Facility Solutions

Securing your station and detention facilities

LATECH Security and Surveillance offers the following technologies to help you secure your law enforcement facilities:

Video Surveillance – Choose from several surveillance options, including full closed-circuit television, both analog and IP, either stored onsite, or on an off-site server. Both technologies are viewable over the Internet with password protection and encryption.

Burglar & Fire Alarms – Create a fully customized, programmable system from individual components and add features that make your system easier to use while enhancing security.

Access Control – Security card systems limit entry to sensitive areas like equipment/tool rooms, storage facilities, IT departments, and records rooms.

Videofied® – Videofied® is a portable, battery-operated, video-verified alarm system with cellular communication. It can be used virtually anywhere there is a cell signal. Once deployed, Videofied® will alert law enforcement with a call and 10-second video clip when activity occurs.

Fixed LPR Cameras – We offer everything from IP-based license plate recognition (LPR) cameras with optical character recognition (OCR), to simple covert cameras activated by motion.

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Mobile Solutions

Technology to equip your patrol vehicles

LATECH Security and Surveillance offers the following technologies to help you secure your law enforcement patrol vehicles:

In-Car Cameras – LATECH Security + Surveillance is proud to offer high-quality in-car digtital video for Louisiana law enforcement departments through our partnership with WatchGuard.

The WatchGuard 4RE HD in-car video systems have high definition video while simultaneously reducing storage costs and transfer times. The real magic of WatchGuard® 4RE™ (Four Resolution Encoding) is its ability to record in high definition and in a lower resolution simultaneously.

4RE is the ONLY product on the market with a SECURE manual transfer option.

Mobile ALPR Cameras – Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is widely recognized as an effective tool to combat criminal activity, enhance productivity and improve officer safety. ALPR revolutionizes law enforcement at the state, local, and federal levels, aiding in enforcement and security for the general public, airports, harbors, and other locations.

LATECH proudly offers several different systems to suit your department’s needs. With onsite installation, we’ll come to your department, set up your system, and outfit your vehicles with ALPR cameras.

Portable Technology

Body cameras and covert cameras

LATECH Security and Surveillance offers a wide range of law enforcement products to assist your officers, including several lines of body cameras and covert cameras.

Body Cameras – The VIEVU LE2 body camera touts the company motto “Made by cops for cops.” With a proprietary encryption, the 720p video captured by this camera can only be read by a proprietary connection back at HQ, so it is secure and eliminates the possibility of tampering. The battery life supports up to 4 hours of recording.

The line of body cameras from VEHO includes the MUVI Pro and the MUVI HD. Each come with a variety of attachments and accessories, and are an affordable, portable method of documenting an officers encounters with both witnesses and perpetrators.

Covert Cameras – LATECH can provide a wide array of covert cameras to assist with undercover investigations. New technology makes it possible to manufacture a video camera smaller than the size of a standard uniform button. This technology also allows cameras to be disquised as ordinary objects like key fobs.