Burglar Alarms & Smart Devices

Residential Burglar & Fire Alarms

Your home is the one place you should feel safest. With this in mind, LATECH designs security systems that offer exceptional protection while satisfying your budget. Our systems are modular (created from a variety of components) and, depending on the level of security you want, may include:

  • Smoke and Fire Sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Interior/exterior motion detectors
  • Window and door switches

Homeowner’s insurance customers receive up to a 20% reduction when their home is outfitted with a monitored security system. We can provide you with the insurance certificate required to realize these savings.


Once installed, you can custom-program your system to fit your lifestyle. Our powerful features include:

  • Electronic notification – Get an email or text when your system has been turned on, off or triggered.
  • Selective protection – Turn the system on for specific floors, or activate door and window sensors only.
  • Keypad shortcuts – Enjoy one-button access to the most commonly used functions Cancel/Verify – Instantly cancel a false alarm or, more important, confirm an alarm to summon help.
  • Armed Silence – Keep your system armed (on) after an alarm is silenced, keeping you protected.

We even offer pet-immune detectors that allow your dog or cat to roam your house without tripping the alarms.


Go beyond the basics with features that make systems easier to use, while enhancing security, like:

  • Easy-to-use keypads – Ours are attractive, easy to see and easy to use
  • False alarm reduction – Special features reduce the annoyance (and possible cost) of false alarms.
  • Codeless entry – Wave your key fob next to the keypad to arm or disarm the system

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